What is iFOGO™?

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The conventional world of books and publishing have not grown in ways that truly represent the needs of writers and readers. We aim to change that.

Our Mission:

To present the legitimate works of EVERY author, in ways that engage and fully inform readers. We use both conventional, and cutting edge, tools to enrich the book-buying experience,and bring readers and writers together.

What does iFOGO mean? How does iFOGO™ work? These are reasonable questions. Years ago, what would you have said if someone said: "Yahoo!" or "Google me!" You would likely have replied: "Do what? Here in public?" iFOGO™ is much the same, in that it has no literal meaning. However, our determination is that it will grow to have a profound meaning in our literary and creative world.
So, do you iFOGO? Yes!

iFOGO™, founded and created by an author, is designed to provide you a powerful tool for searching for, and learning about authors, their books, and other creative offerings. iFOGO™ dramatically increases the opportunity for authors, poets, creative artists to bring their work to a welcoming public. Readers get to know details about the lives of authors. iFOGO™ makes it possible for the following:

Readers may register at iFOGO Village—our social networking site. Thanks for visiting. We are constantly seeking to improve your iFOGO™ experience. We welcome your FEEDBACK!

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